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  • Anyone involved in the business of wealth management—client, intermediary or investment manager—expects to have online access to the capital they own or manage on behalf of others.

    To understand the significance of data, and to detect otherwise hidden patterns and trends, most people now prefer to view information in engaging graphic form, rather than as rows and columns of numbers.


    Converting data from numerical values to images helps identify trends, potential connections and new opportunities that might otherwise be missed:  It also enables people to grasp the significance of statistics and facts more quickly and more easily.

    By making visuals interactive, investors and managers are able to ‘interrogate’ information by drilling down into the charts and diagrams to reveal each graphic’s component parts.

    Neon and Xenon are tools that capitalise on JHC’s digital expertise. Both applications enable investment managers, intermediaries and clients to either monitor or manage (or both) portfolios online—via a smartphone or tablet—and where applicable, via a desktop.

    JHC Neon iMac

    As both tools source the data they need from the Figaro database, users can be certain that information, which is presented in the form of charts, diagrams and graphics, is accurate and up to date.

    Neon: on-demand portfolio analytics, oversights and insights
    Provides managers and advisors with on-demand portfolio analytics, oversights and insights and an aggregated, 360-degree view of the client's relationship with the firm. Transforms opaque data into charts, diagrams and graphics that advisors and clients relate to. 

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    Xenon: putting clients closer to their capital
    Investors’ expectations of financial institutions are being shaped by their interactions with digitally-optimised businesses in other industries where direct, 24/7 access, via any device, are all givens. Information must be complete, organised, well presented and capable of being interrogated. Being able to filter and interact with data empowers those investors who prefer to make their own decisions.

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